The Product

The All Plus Peppe Terra

Peppe Terra, the flagship brand, with its promise of "No Stress - No Mess - Peppe Terra - All Plus", is a ready to cook blend of the freshest tomatoes, spiciest red peppers & premium onions, produced through state of the art processes and hygienically packed in an easy to open-n-use packaging.

With new Peppe Terra you don't need to buy, clean, cut, boil & blend tomatoes, peppers and onions to prepare your favourite delicacies. Not only is the quality, freshness and hygiene guaranteed, Peppe Terra makes life so simple by cutting off all the non value added chores in your cooking.

Peppe Terra has revolutionised how the Nigerian woman goes about her daily cooking. Peppe Terra serves the Nigerian Woman's long unfulfilled need-gap for an ideal, convenient & hygienic cooking base - with the best tomatoes, onions and peppers. It not only liberates her from the chores which she never liked while cooking, but will also releases lot of valuable time for her – which she would rather prefer to spend with her family.

Peppe Terra Contains Lycopene!