The benefit

No Stress. No Mess. Peppe Terra. All Plus

TGI Nigeria Ltd (from the respectable House of Chi), with its mission to bring the Best Tastes of Life to the Nigerian consumers, launched Peppe Terra. Intensive research on consumers’ cooking & food habits, along with multiple rounds of taste & product tests were carried out across various demographics in Nigeria & Western Africa to arrive at this patented unique recipe & formulation for this innovative product – Peppe Terra.

Peppe Terra was launched in Nigeria in December, 2010 and the response from the consumer has been phenomenal. The Nigerian woman took to Peppe Terra like their dream has finally come true!

Peppe Terra, with its promise of "No Stress - No Mess - Peppe Terra - All Plus", is a ready to cook blend of the freshest tomatoes, spiciest red peppers & premium onions, produced through state of the art processes and hygienically packed in an easy to open-n-use tetrapak.

The premium six-layered packaging is the best possible for keeping food fresh & tasty and is an innovation in terms of packaging with respect to Ready To Cook packaging in West Africa.

With new Peppe Terra you don't need to buy, clean, cut, boil & blend tomatoes, peppers and onions to prepare your favourite delicacies. Not only is the quality, freshness and hygiene guaranteed, Peppe Terra makes life so simple by cutting off all the non value added chores in your cooking.

Now cooking is a real pleasure with Peppe Terra - Happy Cooking!